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Your property is worth much more than you think. Just because you are not getting the deal you desire at present does not mean the offer is not out there. Finding the perfect buyer who will agree to your preferred offer can be tough but it is not impossible.

When you are relying on Josh Smith Buys Houses, our agents have years of experience in the industry. We make those impossible deals look possible by providing the best selling options to your clients. Why settle for less when you can get a much better deal when you are coming to us in the Salt Lake City area? So call us today at 385-331-0701 or click here to get the home-selling process started and allow our experienced sellers to find the best deal on your property.

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We Have Decades of Experience in this Industry

It is essential to have an experienced seller on your side to get the best deal on your home. At Josh Smith Buys Houses, our sellers have built a solid reputation throughout their 30-plus years of experience in selling houses. Selling a house is a whole set of processes that might feel overwhelmed if you are new to it.

But you do not need to worry because our agents have the experience & knowledge to guide you through the process & answer any questions. We provide full transparency and do not take hidden charges so that our clients don't feel unwelcome. We are not just providing a service, we are building a special bond with the community.

Believe in Us to Sell Your House at the Best Price

When you are planning to sell to Josh Smith Buys Houses, we make sure to provide you with Money in your bank account in as little as seven days, or we can work with your schedule and close on a day of your choice if that is more convenient for you. We have been assisting our clients in selling options or buying from them in cash upfront for more than 30 years. So to take our expertise and assistance in your selling a house, you can contact us at 385-331-0701 or click here to start the process ASAP.


Reviews From Our Customers

The Know What They're Doing

We found ourselves in a situation a few weeks ago when we were surprised to lose our tenants in a very expensive home. Monthly mortgage payments continued to come due and we were without the income of renters...Our costs to Josh Smith Buys Houses were about half of what we would have had to pay an agent in a traditional sales process to get the same results...

Straight Forward and Honest

Maria and I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank you and your team for the terrific services you provided during your purchase of Maria’s house...there were no “catches”. It was a very straight forward and honest offer from the beginning which positively reflects the integrity and ethical conduct of yourself and your company.

Experienced and Honest

In our older years, we felt the need to downsize and simplify our lives... After having tried several Real Estate agents with no luck, we came across Josh Smith Buys Houses and were impressed with their energy, determination and marketing plan...Bottom line, they sold our house in one month and for more than we thought we’d get. Josh and his team make things happen!