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  • Reviewed By: Jared & Laura
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  • Comment: My boyfriend Jared and I were waiting for our first child to be born. We were in a really rough patch being as the home we lived in had black mold growing in it and mice infestation. Jared's mother had left him a trust when she passed, and we were looking for a home to buy. Seeing as both of our credit wasn't in the best shape, we spent the good part of 4 months searching and applying for homes. We finally found one that was more than perfect and meeting Josh and his team was almost too good to be true. They were willing to work with us to purchase our existing home and help in getting us into our new home and a new chapter in life. The amount of kindness and comfortability they gave us is something we'll never forget. The experience was unforgettable. If ever anyone is interested in doing business with Josh Smith and his team, I highly recommend it. These are good-heartened people. Thanks again!
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